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Videos freeze and do not buffer using Samsung Smart TV with YouTube App

loglodge Feb 16, 2012 2:50 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
I have a 4 week old Samsung 51" SmartTv model PN51D6500DFXZA loaded with the YouTube app from the Samsung app site on the tv. Most YouTube videos that I attempt to watch freeze off and on after the first 25-30 seconds and will not buffer when paused making it impossible to view a video. I do not have any issues using the Hulu, Blockbuster, or Netflix apps on the same tv. I have contacted Samsung about this issue and they state it is a YouTube issue. I have the fastest router and internet speeds available to date. The tv is updated with the latest Samsung software and YouTube app from their site. There are no provisions on the tv to clear cache or update any player software. If all the other apps function normally I believe it would be safe to assume there is a problemĀ at the YouTube end. Can you please investigate and provide a solution for this issue. Thanks