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Re: bring change to the youtube system, fix the reply girl problem

anmoose May 12, 2012 7:01 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
>>It is a problem that needs to be sorted out.

Indeed it is.

>> I cant understand why people even sink so low as to try and get views from showing of half their unappealing body to a group of people who do not care for there opinion.

And I can't understand why people even sink so low as to watch their worthless unappealing bodies in the first place, when they do not care for their opinion, and then have the gall to come to this forum and complain about them.

>> I have looked in to reporting a few, however unless it is classed as pornographic images, I can't find a way to resolve this issue.

That is because unless they are violating the Terms of Service, there is nothing to report, and no issue to resolve. It's not a violation of the ToS to be ugly, boring, and stupid.

>>  I think the main thing we can do is to rebel against them by asking a large community to avoid watching there videos.

No! Really?? What a remarkably brilliant thought: Avoid watching their videos.

>>  Flush out the problems by ignoring it

Well... It sure works with trolls, and I'd bet it would work with reply girls, too. Ignore their videos, never watch them ever, and the world (and this forum) will be a better place.

Just as an aside... The one and only time I ever watched a reply girl video was the result of a thread in this forum. I was forced to take a look to see what the complaint was about. I haven't looked at another one since.