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Re: Follow Up: Regarding Your Feedback on new YouTube design

Tornerose Dec 28, 2011 3:56 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
This is getting ridiculous.The whole month of December has seen nothing but unhappy users, and google employees telling us the reason we dislike this new user-hostile design is because we find it "confusing". Seriously, if you think all your millions of users are so dumb that they find a design-change to be confusing, then just say so. We can take it. We'd much rather deal with honesty than lies and empty promises.
There is still no X button, the scrolling has not diminished, the uploaded videos from subscriptions does not show up as intended within all the clutter of people liking and commenting and google plussing stuff...

I have not watched through a single video since this happened, and I'm also considering closing down my google-account and start using microsoft's services instead. Yes they suck, but atleast they didn't fuck up the most beloved site on the internet!