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'Sexually Suggestive'

CaptainGrumpy Jun 26, 2012 4:11 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Hi, I would appreciate clearer guidelines for what is and isn't acceptable in Youtube videos. (most) 'People like sexy things'. This is not a newspaper headline, it is an obvious fact.
Youtube has LOADS of sexy videos, if it didn't it would not be popular...
However, videos can't be TOO sexy. This is understandable and I agree that porn should not be included here.

A friend recently had a video deleted for 'Sexual Content'. It featured 2 women wrestling in bikinis. It was HOT! People loved it (26,000 views, favoured 150 times, 55 likes, 0 dislikes). The women were straining and sweating, their limbs were tangled, they were grunting and groaning... But it was real wrestling. There was no nudity, no sexual activity, no nasty violence and no children or animals involved.
The only reason from the list it could have been was "Sexually Suggestive". What does this mean exactly? Almost anything could be labeled as sexually suggestive. Many of the most popular music videos with millions of hits are certainly sexually suggestive.

It is a judgement in the eye of the beholder and in many cases, I imagine it is a very fine line. But cross this fine line twice and your account and ALL the videos you've posted (sexually suggestive or not) can be terminated.
My friend is trying to do the right thing and not cross the line but it is not easy when they don't know why some videos are okay while others are not.

I would like more communication and a fairer system when dealing with infractions, which could be considered minor.