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How can I get someone removed who has been threatening me by IM alone?

Rai92 Jun 15, 2012 5:50 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
I have a user who has been threatening me and harassing me through my instant messages- I have tried to report this user through the Safety and Security center, but they have no way to link personal messages, so I cannot file a complaint. What can I do?


The user in question is my fiancee's ex (of two years ago) she has been stalking him since their breakup. In his most recent video, he announced our engagement... and she started messaging me. Her first messages were benign enough- aside from the fact that she was posting libelous things about him, such as him being an abusive partner, being a creep, etcetera. I tried to blow her off, basically telling her to mind her own business (she sent a short second message after the first, telling me she didn't want drama. Right.) She then proceeded to get more and more hostile towards myself and my fiancee, to her last message being completely out of line- using foul language against me, threatening our unborn children, and just in general being absolutely despicable.

I know I can block her, but for the things she said (which I and my fiancee feel are completely out of line) I want her profile removed. How can I go about this?