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Re: New Channels Design: Give Feedback

AthenaAtDelphi Dec 4, 2011 7:40 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum

From 1 of my previous replies :

Some suggestions to improve "the new look" :
● when clicking on a YT channel , the first display :
- should be an overview of all the items (like in the current design) , not just one of the tabs 'Featured' , 'Feed' or 'Videos' ;
- should show the owners 'Profile' default in 'more' mode ;
● add more settings to the 'Appearance' tab (like the 'advanced options' of the current 'Themes and Colors' tab) ;
● let the owner decide the order of the Playlists ;
● use absolute DateTimes (e.g. 02-dec-2011 05:45) instead of relative ones (e.g. 1 day ago) ;

I just found out that you actually can change the order of the Playlists on the Featured tap :
- click on the Edit button of the 'Featured Playlists' ;
- click on the 3-stripe button of a playlist , hold the mouse down , and move the playlist up or down ;

But I also found out that I can't use the 'Add a featured video' function . When I click on the Apply button after selecting a video from 1 of my playlists , I get this error message :
"! Please enter a valid video ID"