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Re: New Channels Design: Give Feedback

Txxytu Dec 4, 2011 3:31 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
I think there are some good things about the new channel design but I don't like it too much. 
-The friends and subscriptions boxes are gone and I liked to see my friends and subscriptions, not just the number
-My about me and explanation I have on my channel is tiny when before you could read the whole thing without clicking "more." I teach languages on my channel and my description and about me is in two languages and now users can't see it without clicking "more"
-When in my inbox, if there's a comment on my video, there's no more blue lettering on my video titles so there's no differentiation on the comment, my video description, and the video title.
-The grayish coloring to youtube's entire background is uncomfortable and strange, I prefer crisp white

-To put it simply - I really don't like anything that is the new update. I think its an interesting attempt but if something wasn't broke, it didn't need fixing. I guess the only good thing about it was the larger video sizes on my channel but its nothing to write home about.

I like Youtube the way it was, I feel constricted now and it feels less personal. The new annotations also are terrible, the old ones were much better.

Please change YouTube back to the way it was, I really don't like the new one and think its strange. My playlists are now in a strange order and people can't go through them to chose a video to watch. Having the feed on another tab is strange and i liked everything on one screen. Its making YouTube too much like a social network when its supposed to be a video sharing site. Please change it back, I can't stress that enough.