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Re: New Channels Design: Give Feedback

WizardlyDanny Dec 5, 2011 7:45 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Dear Karl and YT Team, Although I like some of the sleek, crisper, nice, convenient changes you've made on the homepage (but please restore the 'x's' and rows of 3 or 4 vids!), as soon as I tried the new channel layout, I was appalled.
For the most part, the new channel layout SUCKS.
At first I thought the new channel changes must be some joke or bizarre strategy gimmick, to rattle complacent users or stir up a buzz - a buzzing hornet's nest.   I've been using the internet for over 15 years and I have never been so appalled and disappointed with a site update. Instantly I went back to my fantastic old channel layout. Then I thought I'd give the new channel layout another try so I reviewed all the options and new aspects for awhile. But I became even more disappointed because so much of it SUCKS.
Looking at my new channel layout and other channels on new layout, what I see resembles a global plague of self-replicating nanobots that have made much of it look like a monolithic Grey Goo.  You might as well change the name to GooTube. Grey grey grey.. standardized slate asphalt commieblock grey, is now on channel after channel. 
Much of the life and creativity and personality and much of the community/social aspects that have helped make YouTube such a colossal popular success have been hidden or sucked out, and replaced with the corporate-style giant slate grey channel box.  The customization options have been slashed down to subkindergarten level.  Transparency, font changes, wrapper, text colors are gone. It's so much more spartan; so much more impersonal.
About Me is cut to minimum with parts hidden. The lively channel comments have been hidden away and limited. Other Channels have been cut from 16 to 10 and part hidden. The gorgeous friends list, subscribed list and subscriber list icons are cut out and hidden in the cold impersonal Address book where no one else can see them. One way I found new channels and discovered new videos was browsing all those beautiful icons on **others** channels but that's poof! gone! 
 I also couldn't believe that everyone's favorites have been removed off the channels and hidden away as private. Browsing favorites of others was a great way I discovered new channels and videos. Poof. Gone. All except playlists are gone from new layouts! I loved the grid layout, with so many videos arrayed before me like a video banquet. Poof! That's been sacrificed too. Why cut out so much of what so many users love? Why disappoint so many users by taking away so much customization?
Please put all of these important items & options back on the main channel page where they belong.  At least let users keep the option of keeping our classic channel layouts. I've been checking dozens and dozens of very active and even very popular users' channels and the majority have chosen to keep the classic old channel layout. That is very telling. **Please** don't dump the classic channel layouts. Remember **'New Coke', and 'Classic Coke'**?
Beware of making such drastic cuts and changes to a wildly popular model. Please listen to this and to so many of your other users who are the ones watching the ads that make so much YT revenue. Thank you YT Team for this site and for your effort, consideration and time.    Danny   :)