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Re: New Channels Design: Give Feedback

nicknorthable Dec 11, 2011 8:39 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
 I have found that YT hasn't lost the 727 friends that went poof on my channel the other night.Your friends are being  transported to a list that now gives you the option to subscribe to them unless they were already friends who sub'd to your channel or you had sub'd theirs {before all this hit the fan}.On your homepage click the subscription number (top gray bar next to blue add this will bring you to the " All Subscriptions" page.Once there you may see( upper left corner) a number # that says friends to subscribe.Click that & you will see a list of lost friends ( ones that never sub'd you or that you never sub'd),just past friends only. Click on each to sub.They will only feed you so many at a time so check back because YT will likely have a few more lost soles for you.I had to do it about four times since I had 727 friends lost in the battle.You'll see your troops increase each time. Now..Transparency I have heard (maybe a rumor) that it will be returning.Also there now is a color palette on the channel edit button ( new design) that will give you a background color if you don't download a photo. Of course without transparency only right/left sides will show ( behind that gray /whitish page).It is safe to go back & forth to play with & start building your new channel.I'm still sticking with my old page for now but the new has some cool items. The last BIG problem I have is I don't like not being able to stay on my page or a channel I'm visiting while I watch vids. it defaults me to the YT Watch Page to view my selection or playlist.If the channel playlist bar (that shows now on the watch page)could show up on the new channel design..We'd be on the right trail.Well I'm running out of gas so hold on I think YT is really trying to make something useful work.It takes adjustments.I was as pissed as you are but, hopefully this is not "The Day The Music Died"...NickNorthAble...*