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Re: New Channels Design: Give Feedback

rhasanders Dec 4, 2011 2:35 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
I agree, channels are dead now. The completle lack of any advanced customisation options is to blame.
My channel wich looked pretty in its matrix grid layout is completly destroyed.
i cannot fix it since the new options are far to basic, even childishly simple.
the only option i have left is like my predessesor said create my own blog as a channel. But then what is it that makes me want to keep using youtube?
I can upload video`s at a numer of different websites wich arent pushing facebook and google + into my face.
I think this is such a shame, youtube was a relic from days when the internet was stil fun and free, i feel like google just shot the last whale in existence.
I never was bothered by google greatly although i do think they became more and more like the companies of wich they in the beginning said that they dont want to be like that. Do no evil etc. What they have done now is pure evil towards channel operators.
If you really dont want to do evil then take a look at these reaction and think, ... what would jezus do?