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Re: Pressing enter when writing a comment now posts the comment

zEropoint68 Jun 21, 2012 9:34 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
I have reported this as a bug more than once, as well as reporting it as a problem in the forums (i.e. nobody's paying attention to them).  I've also posted illiterate comments on youtube's own channel page in protest, as well as told several partners that if they don't like reams of unfinished and removed comments in their inboxes, they know who to blame for it.

My next step is to start contacting advertisers.  You see the ads that are down a little bit on the page? The ones near the comment box? Yeah, if comments are ruined, those guys are getting screwed.  They're paying for a certain level of visibility and youtube breaking the comments means nobody with an ad near the comments is getting any eyes on it.

It's not about youtube changing the setup. It's about youtube turning itself into something that repulses intelligent people. You shouldn't *want* the whole internet to consist of Nigerian prince spams and videos of fifteen year old boys kicking each other in the balls with seven hundred comments that all say 'First'. You should *want* to have the option to intelligently discuss subject matter.  If you don't, then there's nothing here for you. Go back to your animal porn and stop stupiding up the rest of the internet.