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Hangouts On Air and Profile vs. Page issues (YouTube / Google+ Business PAGE issues)

videoleadsonline May 12, 2012 10:44 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Google+ Business Pages apparently can not have a connected YouTube account, only Google+ Profiles can (at least that is how I understand it).

Hangouts On Air (HoA) just launched for many of us. 
I understand that the G+ Page manager's Personal YouTube account may be the 'account' that is connected for the Business Page. 

Q: How can we take the recorded HoA (which shows up inside our Personal Profile's Connected YT account) and Move it Over to a different YouTube account that our 'Business PAGE' has on YouTube? The MP4 download may be an option to download from one YT account and then upload to the other YT account, but the quality of the video seems to be nasty when that is done.

Will there be a way where we can 'transfer' the video from our personally connected YT account to the PAGE's YouTube account?

Next Q (related):
I am starting a new business... 
I want to set up a new Business Page in Google+, no problem... got it. It must be tied to my Personal Profile (I don't like that but I see that is how it works). 

How can I make a NEW YouTube Account (aka new Google Account) properly for the Business Page I am making? 
When I set up a new YouTube/Google Account, do I enter in my personal name as first name/last name? Will this mess with my existing G+ Identity as in add a NEW personal identity on G+ which will 'compete (be confused) with' my existing Personal Profile?

The goal would be to simply create a YT account for the new G+ Business Page... without confusing anyone re. another personal G+ account being created. Can anyone tell me how to do this properly?