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Re: Iframe API issue, only in Opera Browser

Klementine Jul 7, 2012 2:41 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Hi ItseSProductions

Ok I will check your new link later this morning, though I expect to find the same results that we already found.

Regarding the "allownetworking" issue - is there some place documented where you say YouTube added this to AS3.
Because you know what it does and I know what it does and YouTube knows what it does.   And what it does is not related
to the YouTube link on the video Title Bar. The reason the YouTube linkis in the Title bar is because you set modestbranding=1.
But to "disable" the link back to Proper - is the violation of TOS.   And I am very very sure on that.
So if YouTube did in fact add that somewhere (allownetworking) and/or document that it's ok to do it - then I need to know about that.

Thank you,