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"Add To" Button No Longer Works?!

jackboxxx12345 Jul 1, 2012 1:29 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Why is it that the "Add To" button has stopped working for seemingly millions of people, and Google hasn't done anything to remedy this?

1. No, it's not a cache issue.
      - Clearing the cache doesn't fix the issue.

2. No, it's not a session issue.
      - Logging out successfully and logging back in as a different user successfully... doesn't fix it.

3. No, it's not a cookie issue.
     - Clearing cookies does nothing to fix the issue.

4. No, it's not a browser issue.
    - It still fails on all browsers.

6. No, it's not an OS issue.
   - Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu, etc. ... and it still doesn't work.

I've seen droves of forums telling people to look to the above listed possible issues... and none resolve the problem.

Google. Seriously? The "Add To" button is probably the second most used of all the buttons on YouTube, other than the Like and Dislike buttons (this is an educated guess, as Google no doubt has the real metrics).

Please fix this. Or, just fire the developer who has been responsible for fixing it, and hire me for a week to fix it (it won't take a week). No strings attached.