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Re: Video deleted for no reason

Klementine Apr 25, 2012 12:11 PM
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Where we got all this fascinating information was from you in your original post where you more or less convicted your own self.
You yourself said that the video depicted cruelty to animals, and that the video was removed for Community Guidelines violations, and since cruelty to animals is forbidden by the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, then what would you expect anyone to think?

You being a proclaimed Journalist should already know that what you say and how you say it can and will be used against you, both inside and outside a court of law.

And also your being a proclaimed Journalist - I would expect that you know the story of Al Capone?  Got away with murder, extortion, smuggling, racketering and more - but he didn't get away with Income Tax Evasion, did he? ;)

So if you got busted for a copyright violation - then of course that is your right to appeal, just as any violation is your right to appeal.  I would also expect you to know that with you being a proclaimed Journalist.

I am just a Code Monkey and a representative for an international organization whose mission is to stop the trafficking of children. But we know we can not use copyright audio, video, and we can not show video of children being abused - otherwise we are subject to the laws, regulations, Terms of Service and Community Guidelines anybody else. What we do and who we represent does not give us any special rights - and in fact we are looked upon to set a higher standard.

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