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Re: Subscriber count keeps dropping when I get new subscribers

brownsugarcandie2007 May 22, 2012 5:20 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Damn! I thought it was just happening to me. It's mysterious how everytime I return to my account main channel page, I'm always down a few subs. I went from 2,030, to now 2,015, within just a week. I gain a few subs everyday, then I lose a lot more, the next. I mean yes, who doesn't lose a sub or 2, every month or so, cause they only subbed for one thing, or it wasn't what they were expecting. But losing about 5 to 6, almost EVERYDAY, is becoming suspect! But here's the REAL kicker, I have a 2nd channel, GAINING subs almost everyday, seriously? Like, WTF youtube?? I honestly don't know how this site can be SO popular, and their "help services" suck MAJOR asshole!! We cry & plea, and still no got damn answers! This is effin' BS! >:/