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Re: We are getting sick of racist, hateful, anti-religious and Muslim hating bigots on Youtube

God and Justice Apr 6, 2012 8:11 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
stop trying to tell me what i know. we just have islam thrown in our faces everyday with your women with acid burns on their faces. or teenage daughters who are raped then beheaded because she brought shame on her family? wtf is that? no God of love would ever say to do that, only satan.

most of those over seas I see who force women into prostitution are usually of middle eastern descent and are nothing but bullies with guns who satan is waiting for in hell.

in your country you cover up your women to hide everything but her eyes. beat them, embaress them and treat them like dogs. yeah we have men who abuse women here but they are usually brought to justice by citizens or police/justice system when they are not filled with a bunch of libtard dems. I know we have our problems but we don't do it because our God tells us too. ours are just ignorant with no morals =P

believe me, I fight the oppresion every dam dam. I speak up and out about such things. I send letters to companies who support the murder of babies and those who cater to racist pigs.

We don't dig it up your people BLAST IT EVERYWHERE!