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Why does google suck so much?

jacob922i May 15, 2012 12:28 AM
Posted in group: Google Search Forum
I mean love that ugly black bar. Who thought of that?

And to get into this groups area, they made me respond 3 times "NO" to attaching my phone # to my account! Three times!!!

"Oh no. Mr. google I didn't mean no the other 74 times I've told you I don't want to give you my personal information.

But my real question is How can I stop google from posting my REAL NAME when I post on youtube? Everyone else posts with a knickname. Where is the setting that allows me to post with a knickname instead of my real name?

Also, what idiot would make you post your REAL NAME on an anonymous site where EVERYONE can see you? Talk about force you to take risks.