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Google Buckyball doodle using 50% to 95% of CPU on all computers tested, freezing system.

glenvee Sep 4, 2010 1:39 PM
Posted in group: Google Search and Assistant Help Forum
Today's Google Doodle on the search page is Buckyball, which runs through a javascript. Using Windows XP and IE7, Buckyball script is using 95% of CPU on 3 computers tested at business, and 1 at home.  

Testing with Firefox on one computer at work, the Buckyball script utilizes 100% of CPU and freezes the system.
Testing at home with IE7, Buckyball script uses 95% of CPU....with Opera it uses 65% of CPU on the same system.

Disabling javascript in the browsers prevents the Buckball doodle from running, and CPU usage is 0%, so it is clearly caused by the Buckyball script.

These are XP systems with Intel or AMD processors ranging from 1.5GHz to over 2.0GHz.  Most of the systems have 1GB RAM.  Searching online (with Bing, since Google search is unusable due to Buckyball) I find other repost of CPU usage from 50% to 100% with the Buckyball doodle today.

I guess my question is, why does Google continue to shoot itself in the foot with defective and/or inane Google doodles that force users to stop using the Google search page?  I had to remove Google as the home page on all 6 computers at the shop where I work today, and am doing the same at home, due to this ridiculous behavior.