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How to put images and photos on Google (Upload to Google Image search)

danielroofer Jun 1, 2012 7:57 AM
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Update June 2012

Here is a help document created by Google:

Here is a help video also by Google:

Below is my original post, it was written in 2010:

This thread should help those who wish to include images or photos in Google Image search so when you type a given keyword/phrase your photos appear.

Please note that currently it is not possible to upload directly to Google. Please read on for an explaination of how to put your images or photos on the Google Image search engine.

How can I put my photo on Google?
Put your images on a website and wait for Google to see them, they will then include them in the image search, make sure you have some descriptive text near the image so Google understands what keywords to associate the image with. Ideally you should fill out an image ALT tag. (avoid keyword stuffing! Just write normally but think about your keywords.)

What if I do not own a website, can I upload to Google images?
No. Google is a search engine, they locate images on the web and create a link from Google Images. You cannot upload directly.

What If I do not own a website, neither I do not have a friend with a website. What now?
The easiest way to include your images would be to upload them to an image hosting site, like Picasa or Flickr, Google periodically checks these sites for new images, just be patient and make sure you have filled out a description next to the image. Make sure you have not blocked search engines with strict privacy settings.

Any other ways to include photos etc in Google Image search?
If you are confident with a computer then you could create a blog or free website, just put your images on the blog or site with some text and wait for Google to see them, you can submit new websites to Google here:  (just add the homepage and allow 1-3 weeks ish)

Flickr image hosting -
Picasa web albums and hosting -

Free blog software from Google's Blogger -
Free website software from Google -

Google images is a search engine, not a place to store your images. It works in exacttly the same way as "normal" search results. Google crawls the web and creates links to pages or images they find. So you cannot uplaod images directly to Google image search.

If you have any questions about Google Image search then please ask them here or in the forum.