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Re: Get rid of annoying Google+ blue bar on my home search page. I'm not joining!

Shadezzz Dec 1, 2011 3:40 PM
Posted in group: Google Search and Assistant Help Forum
@ Vaulty

It's working, thanks!

@ welkin25

Not the OP but some other Google employee gets to pick best answer, that's the irony of the matter. In almost all cases the only supporter of any 'official' Google comment is someone from Google staff...

@ ArmaFennica

Yeah tell me about it, every discussion I join or read has the same results: everything in favor of Google, none in favor of their users, no matter the subject... I switched to Google when Altavista was still da bomb and my first Gmail account dates from when it was by invite only, so I consider myself a user almost from day one. Unfortunately it's become more and more obvious that Google really pays NO respect AT ALL to the people that made them as big as they are now. So my kind feelings and best holiday wishes for Google? go f#u#c#k yourself!!!!!

Meantime I keep trying other workable and BETTER alternatives.