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Re: Get rid of annoying Google+ blue bar on my home search page. I'm not joining!

sgc. Dec 3, 2011 2:40 PM
Posted in group: Google Search and Assistant Help Forum
I've removed this offensive blue bar from my Google search page. If I wanted an ugly blue bar at the top of my Google page I would have asked for it. Take note, Google, people are leaving you in droves.

How? Ad Muncher did the trick with a magic script. AdMuncher is not free but after a couple of hours of searching on how to rid my pc of this pest laying out a few dollars was worth it. Ad Muncher does not fix this instantly. I sent an email to Ad Muncher support today (Sunday) and received a fix within an hour - that in itself is reason enough to purchase this software.

The fix:

Right click on the AdMuncher icon on the taskbar. Select 'configure' > 'My Filters'. Click new. Add the following script.

#gsr #mngb {display:none;}

Under filter category: Add CSS to all pages

Click apply.

Fire up Internet Explorer. Blue pest has disappeared.

Well done Ad Muncher. My sanity is quickly returning.