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Google icon set image appears on homepage p why?

AlanGeGolmon Jun 30, 2012 8:05 PM
Posted in group: Google Search and Assistant Help Forum
The attached file is a screen cap of the Google Home page as I've been seeing it for the last week.  There is an image that appears to be a collection of Google icons of various kinds.  The image is linked, but the link just returns the same home page. 

I start by entering the following home page into the browser's URL line:

this is redirected to

before the page loads and the extra image appears overlaying the search bar.

My browser is FireFox 13.  I'm running the NoScript addon, but all Google scripts are currently allowed.  The addon doesn't show any other scripts as being blocked on this page.  In addition, Javascript is allowed to run.

I don't see this image using IE 9 or Chrome 18.

Any ideas why I'm seeing this image?

Thanks for your time,
Alan DeGolmon