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Why was the awful new Advanced Search page reinstated ? Bring back the original.

Vernon B. Mar 5, 2012 7:30 PM
Posted in group: Google Search and Assistant Help Forum
Why was the awful and crappy new Advanced Search format brought back ? Didn't you get the message before that NO ONE LIKES THIS ?

Problems with the new awful format:

- Advanced Search (in red) does not need to be on a separate line, this wastes screen space. This can be moved up to previous row and placed after the Google logo.
- First input field (all these words) is not focused.
- Input fields are much too tall, the actual text within them is smaller. Again this wastes screen space.
- So much wasted space requires scrolling to reach most fields under "narrow your results by". At the very least the "terms appearing" field should appear on a minimum 1024x768 without scrolling.
- The language and region fields could each be reduced in size horizontally by approximately half and put on the same line.
- Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar at 1024x768.
- Overall look is simply not as clean as before and seems to be geared to the lowest common denominator (bad).

Bottom line, the new format SUCKS. Either restore the old format once and for all or lose users. Personally I'll find another search site rather than use the awful new format. Yes it is that bad. Overall this new format is terrible on all Google sites but it is even worse on the Advanced Search page.