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Re: Boolean + operator removed? Why?

ds9boon Nov 27, 2011 10:07 PM
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+ Operand for Google Search.

Still not hearing.  Still not listening.

At least make the '+' operand an option for searches.

You say 'we listen' and that Double Quots is an improvement.  THere is not direct comments on removing the '+' operand for searches.
No one from google acknowledges this directly.

imagine if ORACLE or DB2 said.  "Hey - '*'   is no longer used as a wild card for Search Strings.   Because we have a new brand called ORACLE*  (or DB2*).   

Change it.   You have have more than enough requests and posts to replace the '+' operand, as per a standard search syntax.
You still have '-' for not.

Just make it a customer option.   (It's just like forcing people to look at BUZZ   - we all know you have BUZZ+ first).

No answer has been helpful to date.  
Comments to deflect and focus on 'alternatives' are not addressing the problem.