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Re: How do webmasters opt out of sidewiki?

tattoos Nov 3, 2009 9:39 PM
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>> You've listed the address for the sidewiki which is on Google's website.....
>> That is a page on the Google domain that redirects to your pages with the sidewiki open to allow for that functionality.
>> If you deliberatly click a sidewiki link then yes... you will get the sidewiki open automatically

I think you missed my point,
you claimed that sidewiki will be displayed beside your site ONLY if.. 1. you have installed the toolbar and 2. you have activated sidewiki manually. Which was simply not the case.

The link I posted to the open sidewiki comment accompanying a Google results page, I found "without" having the toolbar installed and "without" activating sidewiki manually. (It was in the SERP's)

I don't have any particular problems with sidewiki myself, in fact, I think the more people engaging, talking, critiquing and giving feedback about my site the better (unless they are deliberately spreading FUD and unfairly discrediting it), but I do accept and understand the concerns that some people had regarding the indexing of individual sidewiki entries.
which BTW, should no longer be of concern
meta name="title" content="Google Sidewiki entry on "Chatter | Corrente""
meta name="description" content="This cryptic... "
meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"

Good move Google.