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Older website being redesigned, any professionals willing to help? Much appreciated

Sunset RV Mar 2, 2012 3:24 PM
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I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: YES
My site's URL is:
Description (including timeline of any changes made): Changed hosting and domain register from yahoo to, deleted old template style website and have begun to design a custom website.

Originally the site was not optimized, nor updated, it was simply a template through yahoo stating the companies basic information, so I do not expect immediate results.

What I am looking for is advice or recommendations that go beyond the basic information found freely on here and other top sites. My goal is an interactive site, one with tips and advice relevant to the industry, with a clean, user friendly design that is equally friendly to search engines. So here is what I know, anything beyond that I would consider priceless.

Content is all that matters, so that will continue to be my focus
Links back to the site that are relevant to the industry and provide value to the user
H1-H6 tags, 301 redirects using .htaccess, alt tags for images, unique titles and descriptions without the company name first
What I am getting at is the basic stuff I understand and will be continually optimizing.
Keywords in Meta is now essentially irrelevant

I also understand that the keywords that I want to rank for should be considered in my on page content and may match my unique titles and descriptions
So here is the story, I am recently employed by the company, and offered to redesign their site to the best of my ability using a WYSIWYG editor, and slowly build the content and links over time. No quick results, just the right way. However, I want to limit my errors along the way, and structure the website to the best of my knowledge. So if you would not mind sharing some of your knowledge with me, I would extremely appreciate that. If I have left out anything just let me know, the only reason I offered what I did know (or what I think I know) is so you would save your time as well. Thanks in advance!

Anyone need an RV? jk