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Recipe Rich Snippets not showing up for our site ( It's been > 2 months

christine12701 Dec 15, 2010 3:32 PM
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We've been trying to have our recipes show up on Google Search with rich snippets for the last few months.  We implemented the hrecipe microformats (recipes are tagged with the hrecipe class) for recipes about 2 months ago but we still aren't seeing the recipes appear with rich snippets in Search.  I also submitted our URL several times with no results.  Our recipes site is (  I'm not sure why it's taking so long because I've seen other sites with lower ranking and less recipe information appear as rich snippets.

I've used the rich snippet validator tool and have gotten results like this, which is what we want to see on the actual google search results.

I realize that times are not in time formats - they are text, but I also read documentation on "duration" and "preptime" and it appeared that they were both optional and also accepted text.

Any ideas as to why we still aren't seeing our recipes in search results in the rich snippet format?  Or how long it will take to appear?

Thank you!