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Re: 10 (or 15) year old personal site, 1200+ book reviews, hammered in rankings

Wow_Just_Wow Jun 11, 2011 3:02 PM
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Categories: Crawling, indexing & ranking :

Hi Danny. First, let me say that I am a fan of your reviews and have found them informative and helpful in the past. So, I am very interested in seeing your site rank highly in Google. The information is the type of information I want to see when I search for reviews on books that I am considering reading.

My best guess, aside from the index problem, is that you are running into a nebulous user-experience issue. Your site has been around for so long that the design is now out of date. It looks like a legacy site that is just running on the laurels it received 10 years ago. I'd suggest updating the design to a more modern look and adding in some web 2.0 stuff. Let people comment on your reviews--moderate the spam out, of course. Add some social networking functions to drive visitors that way too.

Basically, I suggest making it look more "modern." You also need to file DMCA notices against those people who are stealing your content. The other issue is that a lot of book reviewers cross-post their reviews on Amazon. I don't know if you are doing that, but stop it, if you are.

Good luck.