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Re: Using rel=publisher and rel=author at the same time for a webpage?

JordanDHShaw Nov 27, 2011 4:03 PM
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One note about getting authorship to work with Blogger, and then a few quick questions.

Thanks to a tip from someone in Germany, I know that "<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>" has to be removed in order for "<link href='[GOOGLEPLUS-ID]' rel='author'/>" to work for authorship. Doing so returns an "Authorship markup is correct for this page" status from the Rich Snippet tool. Removing the "rel='author'" pieces from the "About Me" widget removes the other two "Error" messages.

However, nothing I do enables "<link href='[GOOGLEPLUS-ID]' rel='publisher'/>" to return positive results with the Rich Snippets tool.

If I paste the "publisher" code above the "author code", I get the "rel=publisher and rel=author are present" error.

To clarify, I'm using a Google+ personal profile url for the author link, and a Google+ Page url for the publisher link.

Am I on the right track? Do I just need to wait for Google to verify the link between my Page and my blog?

Side note: Do you anticipate Google merging Blogger profiles with Google+, as they did with Google profiles?