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Re: Using rel=publisher and rel=author at the same time for a webpage?

Str82u Nov 24, 2011 10:42 PM
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@vitadolce and @Tony John,

Tony is right, use the short address to your profile, you can see it when you hover over links to your plus page. Professional sites dealing with SEO seem to use the rel=publisher" in the HEAD and for their authors the ?rel=author for the BODY credits link.

Tony: What's the benefit to using two different plus profiles with the rel=publisher in your head? Isn't "dual publishers" a contradiction or another word like it?

The reason for the odd/doubled numbers is tracking related, how you get from page to page. Facebook has it too but since they use usernames at Facebook it's easy to see happen. You can see that it attaches your profile number/username to the next URL, even if it's someone elses profile.

As a side note to Tony; Later down the road, see if Webmaster Tools has you down for a broken link associated with the URL you posted as "Query used"