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Re: Why all have been deindexed?

JohnMu Jun 30, 2011 11:28 AM
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Hi everyone

I'd recommend taking a look at Matt Cutts' comment at

As he mentions there, "if we see a very large fraction of sites on a specific freehost be spammy or low-quality, we do reserve the right to take action on the freehost as a whole." Taking action like this is not really something new, and it is something that we may do elsewhere at Google as well (eg as mentioned on with regards to malware). 

If you feel that your particular site is in line with our Webmaster Guidelines, I would recommend submitting a reconsideration request. Additionally, if you use a subdomain on a widely used domain name, and feel that your subdomain provider is not up to par with regards to preventing and handling abuse quickly - be it webspam, phishing, or malware - you may wish to look into ways of remedying that.

Hope it helps,