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Re: Why all have been deindexed?

sentidos Sep 16, 2011 6:46 PM
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@aristos007, why would anyone shut down a part of a company that is still growing? What google needs to do is simply control their hosting in a more restrict way, and your argument dies right there :). That leads us to the 2nd point:

@Biiim and Pelagic, finally a conversation without the usual harshness. Thank you guys for your input.

I understand the fact that 12 million attacks in 6 months its a lot of attacks. And 6 days to answer them all is a long time.
And i also understand the fact the unplugging was the easier way to do things.

But i have seen the internet changing in what comes to domains, and that is the thing here. Domains or sub-domains, they all have the same premise: they are all unique. They dont repeat and at the end of the day, people just want to have their own piece of the internet, and for some users it is irrelevant if it is a or a Thankfully, that is called freedom of choice, just like google had.
.CO is managed by a company that invested 25 million $$$ in advertising and got their ROI already. Some of the new tlds that are coming will also be based in companies that want their ROI as well. No country assignment. Pure, simple business. So for me, is only one more in the game.

What makes me sad is the fact that no one is talking about where the attacks are made. Biiim, isn't a free domain hosting service because they dont provide hosting. Selling free sub-domains in order to catch donations and clients that upgrade to premium domains or bulk buyings is their business plan, and its a legit one...isn't it?
Why isn't anyone looking to hosting providers in order to have less attacks? I'm guessing that there are some hosting providers around here. What do they have to say about this? You can buy a domain anywhere, but if you dont have hosting...what are you going to do with it?

And this question isn't just for google results. What about bing, facebook, linkedin, twitter, everywhere and anywhere that you can leave or show a link...they will all go to a server where the actual crap is installed right?
As well, it isn't only about, it is about all the extensions in the globe. They all have attacks to manage and 1 server can host all of these different extensions.
In fact, registrars should all be able to spend more time in order to protect their extensions from cybersquating, reather than wasting time to answer spam/abuse complaints, because that isn't necessarily the business area that they provide to their clients, is not part of their business plan!

I think that this would be a much better conversation for the future, but that's just me you know...