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Re: Help! Can you tell the quality violations of my website?

JohnMu Oct 25, 2012 1:36 AM
Posted in group: Webmaster Central

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Hi Timmypotz

It looks like your site is still using Unicode replacement techniques to hide the scraped content. For example, if you open and change your browser's encoding to a different one, you can see all of the strange characters that are used. Searching for some of the text from there (rewriting it manually, not by using copy & paste), you can see that this content is used on - and perhaps originally from - other pages. We really prefer sites that have unique, compelling, and high-quality content -- not content that has been rewritten, reprocessed, spun, or otherwise automatically generated. I would strongly recommend removing all content that was not written by yourself (do not just rewrite the copied content), and making sure that you're providing something of high value, which we would want to recommend to our users.

Hope it helps!