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Re: How long till my site gets Indexed // How long for Googel to Index a site ::: Auto-Response :::

eezebilt Jul 19, 2009 8:44 AM
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""Though this response answers the question, it does so quite badly"....That is why you have got ppls back up a bit in here - someone trys to help thens gets slammed for it.

???? - When did I say badly?  The word was BALDLY. The answer was (I am sure) correct, but not very detailed. I was noting the lack of detail, not that there was anything wrong with what was there.

"..Can you see why I made that Topic now?..Can you see why I say people are being impatient and may need to wait?.."

??? - I WAS waiting. At no point was I asking "When is my site going to be indexed?". All the answers I got seem to think that was what I was asking - they didn't stop to read what I wrote. What I thought I was doing was trying to help you, and any other volunteers, by taking the time to indicate what a newbie feels like, and make some positive sugestions to stop him bothering you all the time. In my book, that made me fighting for you as well....

"...Now your initial question has been answered you could create a new thread in chit chat - detailing your suggestions for improvements google can make to the submission section?..."

??? I read the help and FAQ files. I searched the forum. I found my answer, without disturbing anyone. Then I volunteered some of my time to detail a suggestion to improve the submission process, which was:

- put a simple figure (like 4 days to 4 weeks, if that is a reasonable one) in some central resource, like on the Submission page or in the FAQ.
- put a definite figure for a 'waiting time' before requesting help/assistance there as well. Perhaps 2 months?

If a straightforward figure is too simplistic, put a reference to a discussion document there. But if Google don't put some basic information there to tell new submitters how to act, there will be a continuous flood of people who don't take the time to struggle through the references and find your resource document. I did take that time, but to read your responses, you wouldn't think so....