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Re: How long till my site gets Indexed // How long for Googel to Index a site ::: Auto-Response :::

Autocrat Jul 19, 2009 4:16 AM
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I suggest that you go back and re-read the majority of the stuff here then.

You have clearly missed several Key parts.

Primarily ...

1) Google does NOT guarantee Anything getting Crawled/Idnexed/Ranked!
2) Things vary based on Resources!
3) Things vary based on each site!
So with those 3 major points (that are mentioned numerous times around here!) how the hell is Google meant to give a definitive answer?

Then - just to really screw things up - you have the % of people that would try to make claims agaisn tthem if they didn't C/I/R their site within that time frame!

Yes - there is a definite "air of 'stop bothering me' in the answers" - have you seen how often this question gets asked?
I'll give you a hint .... it was asked So Often that I wrote this topic - and the other one you reference .... and screamed at Googel to get stuff in the FAQ for "not indexed yet" as well!
I think the record todate is the same question about "not being indexed yet" is 6 within the space of 2 Hours, and all with less than 2 other topics between them!!!!!!!

So yes - when people keep asking hte same question, Cannot be bothered to Search, Cannot be bothered to examine Related Topics, Cannot be bothered to look at recent topics with noigh on identical titles .... yeah - I may get a little freaking narked!

And how the Blazes can any one give a time frame for answers around here?
Did you READ the Intro etc.?
This place is maintained by Volunteers!
We come here to help, share what knwoeldge/skills/insights we have.
There is NO OBLIGATION for any of us to help anyone!

If you don't like the Answers, if you don't like the type of Answers, if you don't like the tone of the Answers - then I seriously suggest that you stop trying to learn stuff yourself, and go and pay someone.
That way you can pay them to be nice/pleasant, and pander to your needs.

The alternative is that you get a little more "with-it" and start viewing things from a different angle.
There is little "definitive" in SEO - so you best get out of that thought-angle right now.
There is constant changes in SEO/webDesign in general - so you had best stop being rigid in thinking too.

Yes - we understand that it's hard for a newbie .... strangely enough - it was hard for us when we started too - and there was a damn sight less info!
But we managed - and we give more info than there was - so it should be a little better for you!

So sit back and have a think.