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Re: Sudden Drop after 7 years at Page 1

DIYDoctor Aug 6, 2009 11:25 PM
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Read the post properly and you will see that this question has been raised, and dealt  with, a long time ago. The post started as an attempt at getting help but ended with abuse and cynicism such as you have just shown. It is not helpful to anyone on the web and if people truly believe something is viral, the last thing they should be doing is assisting it by asking questions about whether it is a viral attempt or not.

We have since resolved the issue and our user figures have risen to slightly above their original level. Adding no follow to all of our advertising links helped almost immediately but we will be contacting the main contributers to this forum (those who made sensible and informed contributions) privately to explain what the main problem was.  

As I said, the post was genuine. It attracted a huge amount of attention and went viral because of the naivety of a SEO company. Of course I did not discourage the viral activity, which web site owner would? As far as DIY Doctor is concerned this thread is now obsolete.