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Link building Grinding to a Halt

sash31 Feb 17, 2012 11:49 AM
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Hi People, I haven't placed any links to other sites for quite a while, In a traditional sense, Twitter and facebook yes but not like comments on sites  etc,

Anyway i been watching the threads on here about link building, Obviously its considered spamming forums, comments etc, and if google continue to squeeze the link building methods, how is it to be done,

I think there will come a point when everyone will be waiting for everyone else to give them a backlink, and it'll end up nobody gets any links as people will be too scared to leave a backlink for fear of google penalties,

The "natural way" as mentioned on the forum seems a bit pointless, as if other sites link to you, they would most likely (nofollow) it , so they dont lose "link juice"

I personally dont even try as i think leaving a comment feels false and not very intentional to a subject post, (almost embarassing)

Google has terrified me lol,

So do you think the squeeze on link building will become to far, that it'll kill the point of making websites,