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Autocrat May 21, 2010 4:53 AM
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=======   What's the main aim?   =======

Despite popular belief,
the Main purpose of this sort of thing is NOT PR Links!
It is NOT to do with improving your SE Rankings!

It is to do with Traffic!

It is to publicise, popularise and push your site/brand/business.
It is to generate interest and get people to your site.

Got it?

=======   So what does that mean?   =======

That means you stop looking at all those naff sites claiming to be PR# whatevers!
It does NOT mean you have to go and use every single "Article Syndication" site you can find!

You aren't looking for links that pass PR.
You aren't looking for sites that don't use "nofollow".

Instead - you are looking for Quality sites.
Those that deal specifically with your target market/audience/potential customer/client base.

Those that will have an audience and get the type of people that are likely to convert!
It's pointless getting 100 visitors a day if none of them are really interested!

=======   You mentioned Duplication?   =======

Yes - I did.
That's because - despite it being banged on about for Years,
and there being tons of info about it...
... a large % of people still seem to think it's perfectly logical to put up information on their site,
and then go and post the exact same stuff up on X number of Article sites and Directories etc.

Don't Do It!

For starters - it's and SE nightmare.
If Google see's the same content from multiple Locations,
it may Filter the SERPs - removing all bar 1 version.
It may Not pick the one you want.
This may result in poor rankings/traffic!

Just as important (personally I think more so),
it bugs the hell out of readers!
Why would I be happy if I just read 600 words on an Article site,
clicked the link ...
... and then find you expect me to read the exact same thing?

Where's the value in that?
Where's the thought/consideration?
What's the point?

So Do Not Duplicate!

=======   Okay Mr.knowitall - what's your suggestion then???   =======

I (personally) suggest that you engage your brain and start using a bit of common sense!

Think like a User.
What do you want?
What do you need?

It's information/details/insight these people are after.
You are meant to be showing that you not only know your stuff,
but you know what these people Need and Want!
It's part of the sales process!
Building rapor, trust and loyalty!
It's also building Brand and Popularity

So don't jsut slap up any old rubbish.
Do some research.
Figure what it is that people Need/Want to know.
Look around at what the other sites/companies aren't telling people.
Then plan out some articles on it.

Not just one!
You want 2+.

You want a major article (or a small collection of them) on your site.
Top quality - full info.

You then recreate them.
Cut back, shortened, not quite as informative ...
... but still Quality and Useful!

It's the latter ones you market with.
Those are the ones that you submit to Quality Press Reslease sites etc.
And they should all link to your main article/section.
They should all entice/encourage/prompt the reader to find out more, from your site.
You are offering them a benefit!

Don't forget ... you have your site to fall back to... and you can likely do more on that than on a PR/AS site.
Things like spiffy diagrams, useful/detailed photos etc.
Why not mention such things in the PR/AS article.
Again - encourage people to visit your site for even more useful stuff.

=======   So how will this help my Rankings?   =======

It won't/shouldn't.
Not Directly.
Chances are - none of the links will be followable.

That's fine.

Remember - we are after Traffic and Conversions,
not SE Rankings.

Yet - you may find a "hidden" benefit.
Secondary Links!
That's right.
Though the Article Submissions themselves may not benefit the SERPs,
those people reading your Quality Articles,
those people coming to your site,
they may be impressed/pleased ...
... enough to warrant mentioning you on other sites/their own site.

Those would be secondary links.
Those are likely to give you PR/Ranking benefits!

=======   You used that word again : Quality!   =======

Look at some of the Article sites.
Seriously - LOOK.
Not just at the site, but the contents.
The sites they link to.

Now - if those were people - imagine what they look, sound and behave like.
Would you Really want to be associated with such people?
Do you want your business to be seen with that crowd?

So don't jsut go for any/all such sites.
Spend the time looking for a few good ones.
There are some around.

If you can - find some specific to your industry/products/services.

Same goes for your content.

Do NOT go and generate "fluff".
It's a waste of your time/resources,
and bugs the daylights out of readers.

Why would you use a company that just wasted 5 minutes of your time,
telling you nothing!?!?

You wouldn't.
You also wouldn't recommend them!

So - if you are going to generate content  -  Do It Properly!!!
(And that includes spelling and grammar checks)
(Yes - I feel like a hypocrite saying that bit! :D)

Each Article MUST be Quality!
It must be interesting, useful, informative and worth reading!
Anything else is a waste of time.

=======   Not just Article sites...   =======

You can find other sites that are related.
You could talk to some Blogs, some Forums etc.
Ask if they would be interested in some Free Content, of Quality.
No strings attached.
No PR passing links required.

But the key is - you want Relevant/Related sources/locations for yorur Articles.
The more targetted - the more likely to get conversions!

(Yes - you can even do the same thing for simple Adverts!  Remember - it's the Traffic you want - NOT the PR!!!)



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