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WASDted Mar 4, 2011 10:39 AM
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And another thing. It is no secret that Google wants to be in control of all of the world's information. They want to have access to everyone's everything. Medical records, financials, personal and professional data alike, your behavior, your likes, your email, your status, your location, your past, present and future, your TV, your car, your phone, everything, Google aims to index it and store it all. And so far, for the most part the world (myself included) has embraced them and have pretty much played along. A company with those kinds of goals (much of them already achieved) MUST BE a responsible and trustworthy company. They must be accountable and most of all reachable by anyone who depends on them. They cannot make people rely on them and then decide to screw up or pull the plug, or change the game as they please without making themselves available to help people through it. We are ALL in this together.