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When does Google improve algorithm and derank scrapers/theft

soliver Mar 7, 2012 6:40 AM
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I have a lot of problems with scrapers outranking me despite them linking back to me. How can that be? It can take up to 12 days until Google follows the link and ranks me higher, this is not really acceptable.

The problem is so severe that I modified Wordpress to delay publishing feeds by at least 1-2 days so Google knows that my site has the original.

Also, a lot of people are using blogs to post stolen content. I don't want to file a copyright complaint for each them. When they have content from multiple other sites on their site shouldn't the algorithm automatically derank them? There are many ways to identify scrapers - especially derank all blogger blogs, because most of them provide poor content anyway but they often outrank the best sites that existed for 3 years plus!

Thank you for taking notice of my complaint. All the best,