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Re: Open Letter to Google Staff and Matt Cutts

OkayNetwork May 27, 2012 11:30 AM
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If I had to compare Google 1-2 years ago with Bing today I'd say Google still has them beat. However the results of Google today are much worse than they were 1-2 years ago. So Bing has Google beat today when it comes to quality results, but that doesn't mean Bing is all that great either. The first thing that Bing did was give users the option to turn off the personalization features, something that Google needs to do. Which is give people options over how their search results are displayed. Maybe the next guy uses personalization and finds the results are good enough, and maybe the next person hates it and turns it off and gets better results.

Google wants to be that one car company that makes the perfect car for everybody, so you'll never want to buy another car from any other company. The problem with that is people not only want choices, but there is no one perfect car for everybody. That's why car companies make different models and even give their customers options. I would think that if anybody knew that people have different opinions and ways of doing things it would be Google.

Sure there should be a default setup, but beyond that, Google should allow us to tinker around with options to refine our searches better, which those options should be allowed to be our defaults if we so choose. If I log into Google I should be able to choose options no matter what browser I am, but yet that's only allowed if you're using Chrome (which I don't hate, but I like Firefox much better). If anything, imagine all the data Google would be able to collect on all the different options we could set that would tell Google how to make search better.

I just don't like this approach Google has had lately where they're going to give us what they think is relevant and not really give much in the choice of options of how to display those results. Maybe I don't want to see other Google sites in my search results (like books, news, and place pages), maybe I want to choose verbatim as a default for all my searches, and maybe I don't want to see social junk mixed in with my results. If Google's goal is really for user experience, they're sure not doing a very good job at letting us experience much beyond what they think we want to see.