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Re: Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

Mindsoul Mar 8, 2011 8:32 AM
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Categories: Crawling, indexing & ranking :

Our site with thousand of unique content pages, translated in more then 5 foreign languages (a huge investment), with publishing rights of the images (for which we payed for license)  was affected,  loose 85% of our traffic. If you search "cannes hotels" you will find some sites with less that 15% of our textual content and information. The sad thing in all this is that google is prioritizing  big sites (not once i've saw this situation, i don't want to say which ones) with less content than ours in terms of information about cannes..., only because behind this is a big name... the information on our web site is even more clear organized and usable than the official tourism site of the city. So for example if you want to find a 3 star hotel, for example, on the official site of cannes the information is more than 5 clicks away, and this is very wrong ... so this automatic way of google in saying you are good for the user because the domain is register by an authority and you are bad because your site is not a big name does not guaranty to the user a fast way to find the information that is needed. We have done study about the usability and accessibility, build the website across browser, with standards, we test the performance of the web site, and we have a B grade  with Yslow, and 90/100 with page speed so better score than google home page so to speak. I think this automatic penalty without even a human control of some sort is killing websites with real content, real quality... builded for the user...