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Daniel Friedman Mar 11, 2011 5:42 AM
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ANOTHER SPECIFIC EXAMPLE Of GOOGLE PLACING COPIED DERIVATIVE eHOW MATERIAL AHEAD OF THE ORIGINAL SOURCE Subject: Zinsco electriacl panel hazards Google Search Argument: history of purchases and sales of zinsco At this eHow article Google has placed this derivative material at the top of the web page. And at the top left of the article you will see that eHOW has posted a whole collection of derivative articles on this same topic. We at conducted the original data collection, research, and publication of information on this topic and there we have organized and published for years, a complete, in-depth series of articles containing what is known about Zinsco panels and breakers and field failures, field failure reports, expert opinions, etc. Our Zinsco information, which is the original content published anywhere on this topic dates from research we began in 1986 and began publishing online in the 1990's. See: where around 18 detailed, illustrated articles are found. (See links at page left of our front page on Zinsco.) WORSE, the information in the eHow article, perhaps because it is content-farmed, is inaccurate and dangerous to consumers, including failing to point out that this particular product has been reported to suffer unusual failures and failure frequency, the nature of the failure, how a consumer might become aware of a problem, etc. The eHOW article side links point to numerous other articles that scrape or content-farm topics from our website including replacement electrical panels from Cutler Hammer, also original material that we researched and published under the aegis of finding for consumers solutions to problems with problem electrical panel brands FPE Stab-Lok and Zinsco. GOOGLE has placed eHow derivative, and possibly dangerous material on Zinsco electrical panels at the top of web search on this subject. SECOND EXAMPLE: The FIRST TWO return links Google returned for the above search argument is THAT article and the next one below (a duplicate article) contain almost ZERO information about Zinsco except for a very brief paragraph scraped from our original content Does GOOGLE Ever get it right? YES on simpler search arguments. Google DOES perform correctly by returning the original source detailed authoritative content if a consumer searches on this search argument: zinsco electrical panel Daniel Friedman, editor,