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Re: Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

bbbsites Mar 3, 2011 1:54 PM
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I have a website that I believe has been unfairly hurt by the new alorithm change, to the tune of about 40% less traffic from Google. The website is and is a topic about barbeque cooking and outdoor living. I started this website about 6 years ago, and have added nothing but 100% original content, created and written by me. It contains many recipes, which often appear to be similar to others, but I assure you they are all mine, and recipes of which I always tried myself before publishing. Recipes are difficult to get 100% original because they are often passed on from other sources and often really only work one way. I still made many changes to them when I felt they needed them.

I have looked at the linking, and I do not see any problems there, as I have never used any "shady" linking practices, instead trying all the while to create links naturally.

Also, it has been discussed that possibly some sites took a hit because of ad placement. I am going to make a few adjustments as needed for my readers (who have always been happy and who never voiced their displeasure with anything on my site).

Other than what I stated above, I do not believe my website should be lumped into the "content farm" sites, as I know exactly how I created it (no help from anyone, ever), and have always been proud of it.

Thank you for providing this area to voice my concerns.