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Re: Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

DOShost Mar 8, 2011 9:35 AM
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Wysz, I am the CFO of We are an exciting story of several creative individuals getting together and generating over 40 pages of original and thoughtful content with minimal advertising. (only google adsense and a link to our amazon store). We registered the URL in December 2010 and the site was launched and added to google at the beginning of January. The internet should promote new ideas and sites. We were extremely popular with 10k individual site hits from several different sources. This included Google search, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube, Adsense, Twitter, Dig, and several bloggers around the net that really liked our content. Our site traffic after the update dropped 70% and sad to say even after thousands in adsense campaigns, facebook campaigns, and other strategic initiatives we are going to have to close up shop because we can not even get on the first 10 pages of google for the search xoom accessories. How can this be? our domain is We have soo many sites linking to us and relevant blogs, businesses that utilize our services. We care about our readers and do not spam or do anything illegal. Perhaps we have a competitor that has done some illegal things to drop our ranks or perhaps googles algorithm does not like how we write. At any rate it is sad because this was a great idea and many people like our site but we will only be able to stay open for a couple more weeks with our remaining funding. You want to find out what is wrong with your algorithm. Answer why is first on the list for "xoom accessories" when our site and others provide substantial content and this site is only ad pics for products. I will continue to blog about my negative experience with google but now I will include that one Employee of Google has taken interest in the websites that are the product that google delivers to the search customers.