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Re: Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

pubcrawlercom Mar 13, 2011 4:27 PM
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@Morris Rosenthal,

I'll be in touch with you directly via email today.


This algorithm ugliness is FAR FAR WORSE than even what I've posted.

eHow is part of Demand Media and was one of the companies Google keeps pointing at on a first name basis as crap content.  They very much were the target of Google's allegedly smart algorithm.   Somehow, eHow's sheer mass and regular direct users must be huge and this skews whatever algorithm smarts there "are". Actually it totally conflicts Google's internal position (employees) versus that of the Google search base.

eHow has only increased it's traffic and market share since this change by Google.

Look at their stock:

Does that look like eHOWl has been impacted by this? No. Google missed their target miserably.   They attacked a country on the entirely wrong continent.

What I'd like to know is how much money is Google funneling to eHow via advertising?   Has to be huge.   eHow is in the top 25 sites by traffic on the entire web.   The same question applies to all these other copyscraper sites, the piracy mobs, and the atypical same old search results we are all seeing.

So Google misses their target and collateral damage is an uncounted large number of independent publishers.  Prime examples of Google not only missing, but promoting STOLEN product sites, counterfeits and other TRASH above legitimate producers of the products.  Shameful.

Googler's should read:

Those are comedic and representative of the CRAP eHOW produces.   Companies like eHow are purely SEO companies driven by gaming Google's stupidity.   They are very much needing spanked in this process too.  Perhaps adjoining them to a lawsuit against Google would get their attention.  Afterall, they are the morons that created so much of the need for this update.

From where I am standing, Google has a financial incentive to pump up content thieves and piracy rings.  The content farms have attracted massive numbers of people.  That allows Google to make ad deals on behalf of those sites directly to advertisers (very similar to the agency ad buying model of old).

There is no question that Google also is a big fan of piracy and basically anything else that is a massive volume play.  It makes money and they have special even more pricey ad deals.

(forgive my typos and poor grammar, not intending on producing great content, but rather getting the truth out the door to people)


In it Microsoft's rep tells Google's Matt Cutts that  these content farm issues are because of Google's Adsense and Google has no incentive to stop it because it makes them tons of money.