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Re: Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

askthebuilder Mar 3, 2011 4:31 AM
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Hi, I'm Tim Carter, Founder of I'm a smoldering cinder from last week's Napalm Strike - better known by many as the Farmer Update. I've lost at least 50% of my traffic because of the algorithm change.

Here's what's so troubling. First, Google for years has held me up as an example of stellar content - high quality that others should strive to achieve. Don't believe me? Go here:

My content is as original as can be. It doesn't try to sell products. It tells real stories about home construction and remodeling that helps homeowners get things done the right way. Using AdSense to bolster the content, my visitors can often click through to find the exact products or services that I write about. It was a win win win win. Can a Google Search Engineer *please* explain to me why the algorithm would need to be adjusted to change that situation?

But look at the results now. I don't know about you, but I still see crap content that's not written by a person with hands-on life or work experience and I see far more page-one results for companies that just sell a product. That's not content. That's propaganda. Do you really trust a manufacturer or a salesperson when they have a dog in the fight? Or do you trust a person that's not selling and just telling you how well something works?

From a business standpoint, the algorithm doesn't make sense. These companies that sell products and now appear on page one don't have to spend a penny on AdWords. They are getting FREE traffic. How can that help Google? The tens of thousands of publishers like me that got turned to ashes are undoubtedly causing the AdSense  and AdWords financial statements to bleed red ink faster than a stuck pig. Common sense tells you that.

I'm going to be surveying my newsletter list of 132,000 people today. Let's see what they think of the algorithm change. I'll be giving them this URL so the Court of Public Opinion can weigh in. Be sure to subscribe to the email alert below when someone replies to this page.