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Re: Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

LyricalQuestion Mar 3, 2011 3:26 PM
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Categories: Crawling, indexing & ranking :

HORRIFIED by the way we've been ranked - and EXCLUDED 2 times by Google - if this is up to the new algorithym - I'm quite upset.

We have legitimate links and legitimate content - yet we went from top spots to nowhere to be found for our keyword niche.

At first I thought it was because competitor sites rule with Adwords placement (the sites we are up against are million dollar players with Google Adwords - just FYI)

Then I wondered if perhaps a competitor had reported us as spam... Hmmmmmm - that really was upsetting - because this is a hard business - if you know what I mean.

And well - guys - We're on Wix - which is a flash site - which google should be picking up --- so We've been told by Wix that they are designed to work properly with Google - and you know what? I kinda believe them..

I've run the gamut of all SEO things that I know...

I've applied content... I pushed keyword stuffing - I pulled it - and STILL NO RANKING difference - and no explanation why OUR site was completely excluded from Google (we had to reindex and request to be added back in... how embarrassing.)

But - I'm kind of upset.

If this is from the new Google ranking system - then you guys did something wrong. At least in my humble opinion... and it isn't very nice.

Maybe we're the only one affected - but I don't think so by the linkage here and comments here.