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Re: Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

LyricalQuestion Mar 6, 2011 11:43 PM
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ROFLMAO... Seo - it's cool... I get your loyalty.. It's not a problem.

We're going to have to disagree.

Let's put this in another analogy - ok?

I'm a website (along with BILLIONS of others) that Google has cataloged.

The work I've created - the art, the writing, the content... Hours and hours of work and time.

My content (along with BILLIONS of others) is being used to stack up results that Google has people rearrange to suit keywords/phrases/locations... (think library).

I feel honored to have my content in the big pile of results. It's a place of recognition - where people may come to my site and maybe use my services, read my stuff, see my pictures or buy my things...

They use MY content - to make a big pile - and they present the big pile to people around the world... It makes it easier for people around the world to find things they want to see, buy or read about - or hear.

 And then they sell the advertising space next to the big pile of results... I'm part of the "BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE" as long as I rank in the top front pages...

And then they try to have my site content carry their advertisers as well - well why not cause I'm a BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE... right?

And then... *Poof*  overnight- they tell me my content isn't any good - go to the end of the line...

Hmmmmm.... what does that make me?

A customer?
An end user?
Or a used customer?

I'm certainly no longer part of the Beautiful People any more...  Right?

So --- what am I going to do?

I've gotten used to being a Beautiful People... I've gotten used to droves of people coming by and maybe buying things or clicking on the advertising that maybe provides me my next meal...

So --- what to do --- what to do???

Oh - I know --- I'll take out some advertising --- so I can go back to being the Beautiful People again..

Or -- I'll work more hours on my content again to MATCH up to what the Google algorithm changed... I mean - we can't be out of the Beautiful People Circle TOO long - cause that would like make us lose a meal... or maybe not feel good about ourselves... Right?

So - I get settled back into position - after paying money or time... And I'm a Beautiful People again and the sky is blue - the sun is shining and the birds are chirping....

Until... Google Decides to remove me or the next person from the Beautiful People list.

Ahem - you get the picture yet?

Probably not.

With Google - there is really no such thing as customers... Google is more like a sponge that soaks up things --- and then makes money from those things.

Am I customer when they use my content and everyone else's content?

Or should I be thankful that they allow me to be in their search engine structure --- and I can drink the kool aid?

Again - I wish I had thought up the model.

While it is a beautiful thing - I still think responsibility should be used when changing things that could hurt people - ESPECIALLY IN THIS ECONOMY.